This debut album from New Zealand singer/songwriter, Kathryn Overall, offers a folk-pop collection of melodic, story-telling songs infused with depth, beauty and contemplative spirituality.


‘Sunset Road’ is the free single from Kathryn Overall’s debut album, ‘Not All the Leaves Are Falling‘.
This is a cheerful folk-pop tune about homecoming, mindfulness and the power of nature to revive our spirits and restore our soul.

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Not All The Leaves Are Falling

Kathryn Overall | Debut Album

For almost three happy years, I have been picking away at this album of songs which span seven years of my life and story.

These songs explore the liminal space between loss and hope. The collection is my melodic ode to difficult endings and strained new beginnings, to getting lost and being found, to unlocked traumas and healing journeys, to deep, quiet and still places, to feet-finding, hope-discovering, friend-making, community-building, to awakening,  to spiritual graces, to reinvention and liminal spaces – and through it all, to my God, my source of everlasting love, my compass and my horizon, my deep silence and my brave expression.

I hope you discover space for your own stories inside my words and find your own sense of hope within my melodies.

Kathryn x

Kathryn Introduces the Album

Not All the Leaves Are Falling | Track Listing

  1. The Year the Birds Came Back is about my creativity returning.
  2. Sunset Road captures my town to country commute.
  3. Miss You is a song I hold close and treat gently.
  4. Walk On is a song about hope in the face of loss.
  5. Sometime contains the energy of an untold story.
  6. Kaleidoscope is a soundscape of the beauty in the bits and pieces.
  7. Aubade took me seven years to finish.
  8. Echoes of Eternity was written when my Gran was diagnosed with cancer.
  9. Silent Retreat is an invitation to Presence.
  10. Forest is a dreamy fable of being lost and found.
  11. Not All The Leaves are Falling is my ode to mystery and my future self.
  12. Legacy of Love was written for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary
  13. Benediction (Let it Rain) is an invitation to trusting surrender.

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Watch ‘Echoes of Eternity’ Music Mini-Video

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