Why I Put One Minute of Silence In the Middle of My Album

Silent Retreat | The Story Update:  At the very last minute I had to pull 'Silent Retreat' off the digital release version of 'Not All the Leaves Are Falling' as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify etc. would

My Blessing Prayer for You | Kathryn Overall

My Album Blessing Prayer When the time came for me to create my CD artwork for my 'Not All the Leaves Are Falling' album, I had one panel on which to say whatever felt important

‘Threshold’ | A Poem by Kathryn Overall

As I send my first album, Not All the Leaves Are Falling out into the world I have a satisfied and relieved sense of letting go of this project that I have been carrying for

Creativity, Resistance and Soul Care | By Kathryn Overall

Creativity, Resistance and Soul-Care How creativity can lead you homeward. I recently listened to a podcast conversation between Krista Tippett and Elizabeth Gilbert about creative living which echoed some of the lessons I have learnt

Amanda Blake | Meet the Artist Behind Kathryn Overall’s Album Cover

I fell in love with Amanda Blake's poetic paintings three years ago.  I lived in Maketu, New Zealand and she lived in Morgantown, West Virginia. It was Facebook, that juggernaut of serendipitous chance social encounters, that brought

The Secret Life of Trees

During the endless energy of my 20’s I ran at life hard and fast, spending myself whole-heartedly in many directions at once. When I moved back to New Zealand from Sydney in 2009, burnt-out and broken-hearted,

Legacy of Love

Written in the autumn of 2003 for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. My sisters and I sang this song at our grandparent's golden anniversary celebration and again at their diamond anniversary ten years later. Last November I recorded the final vocals two