Why I Put One Minute of Silence In the Middle of My Album

Silent Retreat | The Story Update:  At the very last minute I had to pull 'Silent Retreat' off the digital release version of 'Not All the Leaves Are Falling' as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify etc. would

My Blessing Prayer for You | Kathryn Overall

My Album Blessing Prayer When the time came for me to create my CD artwork for my 'Not All the Leaves Are Falling' album, I had one panel on which to say whatever felt important

‘Threshold’ | A Poem by Kathryn Overall

As I send my first album, Not All the Leaves Are Falling out into the world I have a satisfied and relieved sense of letting go of this project that I have been carrying for

Creativity, Resistance and Soul Care | By Kathryn Overall

Creativity, Resistance and Soul-Care How creativity can lead you homeward. I recently listened to a podcast conversation between Krista Tippett and Elizabeth Gilbert about creative living which echoed some of the lessons I have learnt

The Secret Life of Trees

During the endless energy of my 20’s I ran at life hard and fast, spending myself whole-heartedly in many directions at once. When I moved back to New Zealand from Sydney in 2009, burnt-out and broken-hearted,

The Deeper Story Behind ‘Sunset Road’ | By Kathryn Overall

On the surface of it, 'Sunset Road', the free single from my album, 'Not All the Leaves are Falling',  is a description of the autumn landscape on my Tauranga city to Maketu farm commute as I